2018 Open Water Class
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Colombo Scuba has been instructing students from beginners to experts for 15+ years and we have a combined 50 years of SCUBA experience. You won't find more real world qualified SCUBA instructors anywhere in the area. We not only teach but we have dove the sites you'll be going to. We've traveled around the world and experienced it all so that you can be taught not only the official book course but real world skills that will make a difference between just breathing underwater and truly enjoying a life changing new sport.

Our professional staff is made up of PADI and SDI/TDI certified Instructors as well as a cadre of Dive Masters and a full staff above the water to assist you in every way. Our students range from young children to the well-aged retiree -- all looking for the kind of adventure you could never find above the water.

Start now to explore the other 7/10ths of the world. You will soon laugh in the face of depth as you enter; the exciting world of SCUBA. Above all, you'll have fun - check out some happy faces!

Some of the instructors and dive masters drift diving the Blue Water Bridge

Colombo Scuba conducts Open Water Classes locally in Troy, Michigan, during spring through fall, beginning in our privately owned indoor and outdoor pools (located next door to each other, so we dive rain or shine) then complete the Open Water portion at a local lake 15 minutes from our Troy pools.

Colombo SCUBA also offers a full range of private classes! Personal one-on-one training or small groups.

Completing your Open Water Course is the beginning of not only a new hobby but the adventures for a lifetime!

Classes are forming Now! To sign up contact Chris Colombo via e-mail at chris@colomboscuba.com or call 248-760-9969. Click for Map & Directions to our pools in Troy, Michigan. Directions to our exclusive lake facility will be provided after you complete the pool classes, it is approx 15 min from our pools and quite comfortable with clean, private areas to change and prepare before and after classes.

We have Pool Classes, both outdoor and indoor, available every weekend and evening all year long. Contact us and we'll setup a schedule that will work for you! The below schedule is subject to change and more dates will be announced. Contact us if you need to set your own date!

2018 Group Schedule

Pool Classes Open Water
Troy, Michigan Nearby Private Lake
May 19th & 20th June 9th & 10th
August 18th & 19th August 25th & 26th
September 8th & 9th September 15th & 16th
Subject to Change More dates may be announced.

To sign up - contact Chris Colombo via e-mail at chris@colomboscuba.com or call 248-760-9969. Evening and midweek classes are available by arrangement. Contact us with any questions or for more info.

Pool - Day One

Salt water Pools     You begin by watching some videos of dives and receiving instructional video. You may even be serenaded by our singing Yellow Nap Amazon Parrot Oscar. During this time PADI Certified Instructor Chris Colombo will personally introduce you to the world of SCUBA and explain what is to come. Donuts for breakfast energy food and pizza for lunch will keep everyone going (or you can visit any of a number of local restaurants).

     You'll receive your PADI instructional materials and begin your lesson in a group with real world examples and a light hearted format to keep things moving along and spirited. Our facilities include both heated indoor and outdoor pools, up to 15 feet deep with room to swim, not just stand around.

     You'll be shown the equipment; how to check it out, how to put it on, how to operate it, how to take it off, how to take care of it. How to look good in it.

     You will enter the pool and experience a life changing event; Breathing underwater! With Instructors and Dive Masters at your side you'll kick off the shallow side of the huge pool and actually perform your first underwater SCUBA swim. Safety is always on our minds and we will impart the skills to you that will help you make safe and satisfying dives your very first day.

Pool - Day Two

More of the same only much better ... we celebrate the gifted and drown the annoying (Just kidding about the drowning part - we are never really that annoyed). We'll spend as much time with you in the water or out to cover remaining essential skills and book work. You'll take your paper exam and all your questions are reviewed in a friendly peer setting. There are no wrong questions or answers; everything is reviewed and your confidence is bolstered as you realize you've now gained the practical and academic skills needed to know what to do in the open water.

     During your upcoming open water weekend (a weekend will be scheduled at that time) you'll put those skills to the test. You will soon be doing what only your fellow divers can do; swim weightlessly among the dolphins, whales, and even sharks. Laughing in the face of depth and speaking using technical jargon like: "Tanks, but no Tanks!"

Open Water - Day One

    The first day of training is very basic and we will help you make the transition into the open water as easy and enjoyable as possible. A short 15 minute drive to a small, local lake (we promise, no sharks). It has a easy entry edge that will allow you to enter the water and still keep your feet on the ground.

    The first dive will be a shallow water dive followed by a decent along a rope line to a platform just 20 feet below the surface. At any time you can safely return to the surface and verify your gear and build your confidence. Your will be assisted in adjusting your weights so you are properly balanced in the water so that you feel weightless and can move effortlessly underwater.

    The next dives return to the platform and are designed to help you feel more comfortable underwater and able to handle most situations which may arise with you or your buddy. You will review the pool skills you have learned and put them to use in the open water.  If you find that you do not feel comfortable with a particular exercise, your instructor will work with you on that exercise. True one-on-one interaction differentiates Colombo SCUBA from other, larger groups.

    Your dives will take you down to a platform so that you can focus on your skills without worrying about fine tuning your buoyancy at the same time; that will come over time. You will be watched over by experienced dive masters who will assist the instructor in keeping your dive safe and a happy learning experience.

    Your instructor may make suggestions as to adjustments or changes before your next class. At night a bonfire awaits as you discuss the day's events with seasoned divers and fellow students. Watch as advanced students suit up and swim away for a night dive - you'll likely be joining them one day soon.

Open Water - Day Two

     On the second day of dive training we will review and refine the skills you've learned. You will learn to do your own dive planning and also learn navigation skills. The last dive of the day is the most exciting as it is plan with your dive buddy and you dive it together, just for fun! This is the final day of training where everything comes together and you know that you have become a confident, skilled and safe diver.

     Congratulations - at the end of the day you will become a certified SCUBA diver. Your PADI card is your license to travel the world and see what lies under the waves -- enter the deep blue and see what you've been missing. Welcome to the adventure for the rest of your life! Click here to see some photos from classes at the Quarry we used to dive at.

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